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Promotion for groups:

From october 2017 we offer vacation packages with special prices for groups of three people who occupy the same room.

- Package 4 adults.
If you are 4 adults willing to share the same room (all single beds) and bathroom on the same night price is € 30 euro per person including breakfast *.

- Package motorcyclists with parking garage for up to 12 bikes.
Usually riders like to keep the bike protected from the weather.....
Sharing in 3 or 4 single beds in the same room and we offer breakfast * Indoor bike parking at the price of € 30 euro per person.

- Package of courses ...
At the farm there are two large saloons that can be used for the organization of various courses. The use of the rooms includes 2 sandwiches for lunch and overnight accommodation with breakfast *
The price is € 45 euro per person.

In case of the single room surcharge is € 25 euro, in case of a double room € 10 euro per person. Maximum 22 persons.

*breakfast is served from 8 to 10 and includes coffee or tea or milk with bread and jam produced in-house.

You can dine on the farm at 20:00. All eating at the same table and salon.
Guests are served a menu based on local produce self-produced: a first course, second course, at least one side dish, dessert, water, wine, bread, priced at € 22 euro per person to book by 12 noon. If you have any intolerances or are a vegetarian, vegan, organic, macrobiotic, contact us so we can prepare a special menu and price.